India and China were the first countries to cultivate and consume tea. All tea comes from the Cameillia sinensis plant, but how the tea is processed creates the different varieties. Green tea is made by steaming fresh leaves. Oolong tea is made from partially oxidized leaves, and black tea comes from fully oxidized leaves. In recent years, green tea has grown in popularity because of its purported health benefits. Steven Smith, from Portland, Oregon, is the guru when it comes to creating tea. According to tea experts, Mr. Smith travels around the world to source special tea leaves. But, it’s his expertise and imagination that produce extraordinary batches of tea. Blending the perfect cup of tea involves science and precision to make sure the natural acidity, aroma, color and flavor are in perfect harmony.

Product Features

  • One Oolong Tea Bag ornament plus one novel equals: “Read’em and steep!”
  • An original design by Ornaments to Remember.
  • Handcrafted by EUROPEAN artisans.
  • Total tea gifting for tea-sipping friends.
  • Oolong Tea ornament height: 3-1/4 inches.