Torii Gates represent the doorway into a sacred place and commonly mark the entrance of Shinto shrines. Used as a wedding motif, the gates signify the sacredness of the marriage agreement. Although bonsai is often thought of as a Japanese innovation, the Chinese were the first to create bonsai many centuries ago. This art form migrated to Japan with the spread of Buddhism. Buddhist monks began cultivating bonsai in monasteries. Eventually, Bonsai became a hobby of the aristocracy. The skill required to shape vegetation into miniature masterpieces was regarded as the key to understanding nature.

Product Features

  • Our Japanese wedding collection reflects a long history of Japanese traditions–cranes, imperial carts, torii gates, and pine boughs–all of which are thought to bring a long life and good fortune. The handcrafted, blown-glass Torii Gate ornaments add elegance to Asian wedding decor.
  • An original design by Ornaments to Remember.
  • Handcrafted by EUROPEAN artisans.
  • Torii Gate Christmas Ornament height: 3.75 inches