On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me ten pipers piping…” As far as the catechism goes, this one is easy: the Ten Commandments, the rules we all try to live by. But just as man cannot live by bread alone, neither can we humans live by rules alone. We need a little fun in our lives, and where better to get it than by turning to Patience Brewster’s KRINKLES pieces. This one shows ten tree-men with high blue booties over their candy cane striped stockings. Each of these green fellows is lined up on top of a large flute that forms the base of the ornament. Each is blowing into his own flute, one of the world’s oldest and most perfect instruments. It’s music ranges from frolicking joy to heart piercing sweetness – what a great choice Patience has made with this 7 inch high ornament that shows mirth and merriment along with musical talent. And what a great choice you will make when you add it to your Christmas treasures.

Product Features

  • Part of Patience Brewster’s whimsical, unique, 12 Days of Christmas Ornament Collection
  • Makes a great gift!
  • A perfect accent for the tree or a window
  • Made of stone resin
  • Measures 7″H