The Breen ID is B2125. Around 5.5 inches tall. Patricia Breen “Redoute Santa” handblown and handcrafted fully-glittered glass ornament. Buy this stunning ornament now, produced as a color change in 2001, in more restricted numbers, sold out almost immediately, and is extremely collectible! Perhaps one of the most sought-after sculpting, the Redoute Santa has become dearly loved by Breen collectors. Breen intended the large Redoute to capture the spirit of Pierre-Joseph Redoute, a Frenchman who painted in the late 1700s and early 1800s and is renown for his delicate flowers. Here Santa is dressed in a fully-glittered pearl cloak that is decorated with beautifully detailed, delicate pink roses, one of Pierre-Joseph’s best known motifs. It is a spectacular variation. Note how the rose buds are exquisitely shaded. The manner in which Santa gathers his cloak about him is artistically captivating. Simply a Breen great that is a must for the collector.

Product Features

  • Buy this hard-to-find, sought-after Patricia Breen collectible now!
  • Theme based on Pierre-Joseph Redoute floral paintings.
  • Terrific large size, great presence, exquisite glittered detailing
  • A sought-after Patricia Breen collectible that is sure to become an heirloom and handed down through the generations!