Perfect for your Christmas decor, the Perzy 5 in. Christmas Tree Snow Globe features a miniature Christmas display the whole family will love. It’s an original Perzy snow globe that was expertly crafted in Austria. Perzy was the creator of the original Viennese snowglobe in 1900. This snowglobe business is still owned by the Perzy family. About Alexander Taron, Inc. For more than half a century, the Alexander Taron Company has been delighting customers and collectors with traditional European gifts. These exquisite hand-crafted products range from nutcrackers and incense burners to ornaments and cuckoo clocks; unique and collectible, they make unforgettable gifts regardless the occasion. Originally founded in 1949, Alexander Taron remains dedicated to providing high-quality items at great value. Dimensions: 3 diam. x 5H in.. Candy cane Christmas tree snowglobe. Glass and plastic construction. Made in Austria.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 3 diam. x 5H in.
  • Candy cane Christmas tree snowglobe
  • Glass and plastic construction
  • Made in Austria