Christmas Pickle. It´s Christmas, a time of jingle bells, stockings, presents under the tree and family traditions. Celebrate the holidays with a time-honored German tradition and have fun with your family for years to come! Following an Old World custom, parents waited until Christmas Eve to hide a small pickle ornament on the Christmas tree, tucking it out of sight among the branches. On Christmas morning, the first family member to spot the pickle was rewarded with a special blessing for the coming year and received the first present from under the tree.

Product Features

  • TRADITION.- German Christmas tradition that you can cultivate to your family
  • GREAT GIFT.- Give it away to your extended family so they can continue the tradition too
  • STYROFOAM.- Resistent Durable Material, you can reuse your Pickle
  • MEASUREMENTS.- Each pickle measures 4.25 in X 1.375 in X 1.5 in
  • PACK OF TWO.- You will receive 2 Pickles to continue this Old World custom