Bless all those who go in and out of your house with the “Merry Be Your Christmas” Christmas Box Sign. This four by five inch sign has a depth of one and three quarters inches. The pure wood construction allows the box sign to be freestanding or hung from the wall. Dark red background of the sign sets the holiday mood and the carefully detailed white streaks shot through the red give this sign an old time, antique feel. The words ” Merry be your Christmas, peaceful be your home, joyful be your family, blessed be each one” decorate the sign in white. A great addition your holiday decoration scheme, this box sign reminds everyone that family is the most important part of Christmas. May yours be a happy one.

Product Features

  • Material: wood
  • 5 x 4 inches
  • Primitves by Kathy item #16357
  • 1.75″ deep