About This Special Christmas Ornament: This beautiful holiday design is hand crafted in Poland. Decorations begin with detailed drawings. From these drawings, an artist skillfully sculpts an original 3 dimensional model out of clay. A gypsum mold is made using the original clay sculpture and from the gypsum mold, along with a sand mold, a metal mold is created. A clear glass tube is heated and placed inside the two-sided metal mold and air is blown into the glass tube. As air fills the glass tube, the metal mold shapes it. Once cooled, the glass decoration is released from the mold. The glass ornament is then silvered with a special solution and hot bath. The silvered ornaments next head to the decorating room where they are beautifully hand painted and glittered. Each decoration takes about 7 days to produce, 2 days longer for tabletop designs. Truly a quality keepsake ornament worth giving and receiving. Important Note: Ornament is fragile and for decorative purposes only. Not a toy. Keep this glass keepsake out of children and pets.

Product Features

  • Crafted in Poland.
  • Mouth blown glass that is hand painted.