Who needs Elf on a Shelf, When you can have this large rump to hide in different places! Make Christmas so much more fun by adding a little humor to your Christmas tree or Household! This bottom and set of legs that have a hook on the top so you can hook it close to the trunk of the tree and it sticks out. Your kids & friends will laugh so hard when this is pointing at them from your tree.

Product Features

  • Measures 20″ X 9.5″
  • RAZ Imports 2015 Theme: Peppermint Toy
  • Get legs with Green, Red & White; Red & White; Or Both!
  • Search for the large Elf Hat to have it stick out the other side and the elf will be climbing THROUGH your tree.
  • Buy this item and you will receive 1 of the bottoms with Red, Green and White striped legs