The 20 oz size of Preserved Soft & Colored Reindeer Moss is packaged in a reusable designer series clear case.

The preserved reindeer moss is non-toxic and flame retardant and intended for interior use only. It should not be used in a terrarium with live animals.

Stays soft. If the air turns extremely dry, the reindeer moss will harden some but returns to normal softness with the return of normal humidity.

The reindeer moss is colorfast, but we suggest you push it to the side when watering live plants, so not to wash away the components that makes our reindeer moss soft.

When opening the designer series case, cut away the heat sealed points with a scissor.

Please note that our reindeer moss is a natural product and the specific color of the product you receive may be different than the soft & colored reindeer moss pictured on this web page. This is due to the reindeer moss absorbing the color dye at different rates, giving the moss a varying color throughout.

It’s common to find a few pine needles, mini pine cones and other natural mountain/forest materials within parts of the reindeer moss. These can be removed by hand if so desired, but do not attempt to rinse the reindeer moss with water as doing so will remove the added salt and other minerals that keeps it soft.

The reindeer moss contains salt and other minerals which may stain some surfaces.

The weight of this product may become less than the listed package weight when stored in a very dry or air conditioned space.

Product Features

  • * Highlights all fresh flower and silk decorations * Fantastic in your model train and hobby landscape * Stays soft and ready to use * Many beautiful colors available *
  • Contains 20 oz of preserved soft & colored reindeer moss, packaged in a clear designer series case. The designer case protects the delicate reindeer moss and allows you to only use what you need. This is a large amount of reindeer moss, approximately 2.5 times the amount found in a typical 8 ounce bag and approximately 10 times the amount found in a typical 108 cubic inch bag.
  • The color of the Reindeer Moss in this designer case is ‘Light Green’, stock # 108067. Please consider the other 9 designer series colors available, including ‘Black’, ‘Dark Green’, ‘Spring Green’, ‘Natural’, ‘Autumn’, ‘Peach’, ‘Red’, ‘Siena’ and ‘Lavender Blue’.
  • Our Designer Series Reindeer Moss, is carefully handpicked for the best quality in the mountains of Norway. It is treated with a flame retardant solution for safety and colored in a variety of beautiful colors. The reindeer moss is harvested in a sustainable checker board pattern, to assure that the reindeer moss will quickly grow back for the next harvest with little to no impact on the environment. The preserved and colored reindeer moss is packaged in Saint Petersburg, Florida USA.
  • Reico Art, Inc. was founded in 1988 with a goal of providing our customers with access to the highest quality of soft and colored reindeer moss. Since then Reico Art has provided customers with a variety of Norwegian reindeer moss colors used by the Hobby & Craft Industry, Plantscape & Floral Industry, Architectural Firms, Art Museums, Interior Designers, Store Window Display Industry and Movie Props/Sets Industry.