This Russian nesting Matryoshka doll set consists of one big stacking wooden doll and ten little wooden figurines.
The largest stacking doll is empty inside, and opens as nesting dolls usually do. Inside there are 10 little wooden figurines – 10 little matryoshkas.
Unlike the larger Matryoshka doll, these ten little wooden dolls do not open.
Babushka dolls are a good choice for kids to play with. Children can exercise motor and imagination skills while counting Matryoshkas.
This set will make a cute wooden gift also.
These Babushka dolls are made of birch.
The height of the big wooden doll is about 5″. The little wooden dolls are about 2″ tall.
This Matryoshka set is a good gift for Mother’s Day. It represents Motherhood. It is pleasant and surprising to discover the 10 kids united inside the mother’s figure.
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