Santa’s Grand Workshop TRC Designs, Ginger Stacks TRC Designs # GS3102 Dimensions: 4.50″ H, 8.25″ W, 1.50″D Materials: Wood Collectible Figure Item Details: Ginger Stacks are 2-dimensional and adorned with glorious, textured, vibrant Ultra Violet color. Since our company’s inception in a garage many years ago we have been making handcrafted, whimsical, memorable products right here in the USA. The idea for Ginger Stacks was born when chief designer Glenn Crider mulled over ways to make originally large-scale nutcrackers accessible to the public in smaller scale and at lower cost. See our Ginger Stacks Nutcrackers. Whether you stand them on your mantel, start a collection on a bookshelf or hang them from a tree, you will love the Ginger Stacks experience. Many items in this new line come with built-in, hi-tech, battery-operated lights.