These car charms look so great dangling from a rear view mirror, on a tree, or from a suction-cup hook in a window. The sentiment “Daughter, you once held my hand; you will always hold my heart” is engraved on the front with lovely filigree cut-outs and enameled copper-colored butterfly and flower. They make a great gift for almost any reason. A lovely gift for that special daughter. Measures approx. 2.50 tall x 1.75″ wide – 4.5″ high including ribbon. This ornament also includes a ball-chain for hanging from a rear-view mirror.

Product Features

  • Hang it from a hook in a window, or on a tree
  • Hang it from the rear view mirror in car.
  • Nice gift to celebrate a new car.
  • Lovely gift for a special daughter.
  • 2.50 tall x 1.75″ wide – 4.5″ high inc. ribbon