Heartbreaking as it was to hear about the Steinbach company going bankrupt, there are still new Nutcracker available from the original Steinbach company. You can recognize them from the hanging red tag. Meticulously hand-carved in the renowned Steinbach factory in Germany, this decorative nutcracker is crafted from genuine wood, painted freehand, and stamped with the Steinbach Stamp. This adorable Troll Bavarian Nutcracker is holding his mug of beer in one hand, and his wooden “I Love You” heart in the other. He is dressed in a brightly colored traditional Bavarian outfit. He will make a wonderful collectable and is sure to be a family favorite for years to come. The Christmas Nutcracker Tradition began centuries ago in the Alpine regions of Germany. In legend, the Nutcracker possessed miraculous powers, bringing good fortune and protection from evil spirits. The more elaborate their decorations, the stronger their powers. Steinbach is recognized for the unique design of its wood-carved creations developed many years ago by Herr Christian Steinbach. The Steinbach family started making nutcrackers and other items in the 1800s in the Alpine regions of Germany. Each Steinbach nutcracker is produced using up to 130 separate procedures. Genuine hardwood is cut and shaped into specific sizes and parts. The wood is then turned by hand, using an ancient process that creates smooth, clean surfaces. Steinbach items are highly collectible. If you are starting a new collection or adding to your existing collection, you will love these unique masterpieces. These treasured collectibles are handed down from generation to generation. These handcrafted wooden creations touch the hearts of their owners in special ways.

Product Features

  • Steinbach Original Red Tag Bavarian Troll Nutcracker 12″ Tall
  • Carved By Artisans And Hand-Painted In Germany
  • Decorative Nutcracker Wonderful For Holiday Display
  • Brand New In Original Box With Tags 12″ Tall
  • Handcrafted in genuine solid wood