Steinbach Christmas ornaments are the same wooden ornaments German families have used since the 19th century to decorate their Christmas trees. In small villages in the eastern Erzgebirge region of Germany, the ornaments are hand crafted by small working groups of 2-4 ladies arranged around a table. With parts strewn on the table and a wood glue wheel turning, they carefully assemble the many pieces into a beautiful ornament for your Christmas tree. The Steinbach wooden ornaments as well as those produced by other Erzgebirge cooperatives are highly valued by collectors around the world.

Product Features

  • Steinbach Wooden Ornament, New in Box. This bride ornament was introduced in 2000 by Christian Steinbach. Now Retired. (A bridegroom is sold separately.)
  • Approx 3-3.5″ high
  • Includes: Steinbach Authentication Hang Tag Seal & Original Steinbach Gift Box
  • Steinbach wooden ornaments are hand-carved & hand-painted in Germany.
  • From the Erzgebirge Mountains and Niedersachsen, Germany for nearly 200 years!