Amazing Crystal Ornament by CrystalPlace, Designed with The Most Striking Crystals made with 100% Swarovski Crystal

Have you been looking for an elegant way to elevate your living or working space’s decoration?

Crystal Place presents you with crystal ornament made with genuine Swarovski crystal the highest quality, incomparably impressive, on the market!

Every Crystal on this top notch crystal ornament has a permanent laser engraved Strass Logo The quality signature of authenticity.

It is extremely shiny, giving a luxury touch to any space and creating a playful atmosphere.

You can use it as a sun catcher or as a house decoration element by hanging it on your chandeliers, on your Christmas tree, on your windows and more!

It also makes a valuable, unique wedding or baby shower gift. Last but not least, you can also use it in order to complete art projects.

Swarovski is Registered Trademark of Swarovski AG Crystal

Glass and all other materials containing 0.009% lead or less
*Laser Engrave with clear crystals 12mm and above, colored crystal 18mm and above *No signature with the colors Bordeaux, Jet and Emerald

Product Features

  • Crystal Ornament made with 100% AUTHENTIC Swarovski crystal: You deserve nothing less than the best! This crystal ornament features a laser engraved signature and it includes a certificate that certifies its authenticity and unmatched, unquestionable quality
  • Ornament size: 5” — Crystal Color: Antique Green,Bottom Crystal Size: 50mm = 2 Inches
  • GIVE A LUXURY TOUCH TO ANY SPACE: This top quality crystal ornament can be placed anywhere in your house and instantly elevate the existing decoration.
  • USE IT ANYWAY YOU LIKE: This rainbow maker with Swarovski Crystals can be used in many different ways! It can be a striking sun catcher, a party decorative element, a chandelier accent, a Christmas tree or a table decorative piece. It is makes an impressive Gift for wedding or baby shower present
  • Package Includes: A Certificate. Each ornament has a unique number. 10” long chain with a hook attached to the Ornament and a suction cup that will allow you to easily hang it. Packed well and ready to use