MINI DIVA COLLECTION Adorned with Swarovski Crystal with Multi Color Crystal Lillys Cascade attaches to Crystal Prism. Decorative Crystal Ornament with Rainbow of Colors Made with Crystals From Swarovski Great Gift for Weddings, Baby shower, House Warming also for Christmas Tree Decorations, Chandeliers Decoration, Art Projects. Use as Sun Catchers, Table Decorations and More… To provide the assurance of original Quality, Crystals From Swarovski and components* carry the permanent, Laser Engraved* Quality Signature SWAROVSKI® and SPECTRA® are Registered Trademarks of SWAROVSKI® AG Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009% lead or less *Laser Engrave with clear crystals 12mm and above, colored crystal 18mm and above *No signature with the colors Bordeaux, Jet and Emerald

Product Features

  • This Crystal Ornament is adorned with Genuine Swarovski Crystal – Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Laser Cut, Flawless Crystal with the most amazing Shine
  • Prism Size:20mm, Color: Clear, Octagon Beads Size: 14mm, includes 10 inches chain that can be cut to desired length with a hook at the end and a Suction Cup
  • Length: 3.5″ Inches, Well Packaged and includes Certificate of Authenticity to Ensure Genuine Crystal
  • Can be used as Accents, Ornaments, Suncatchers, Party Decorations, Chandelier Accents And More…