It’s shipped off from Japan.

Product Features

  • Parallel import goods
  • US is the ornament of Periwinkle of Futako you are in the winter forest of Lenox made of Pixie than secret of Disney Fairies shining wings made of porcelain tink of the (fairy) (Tika Bell).
  • It is a winter fairy Periwinkle (Periwinkle) is in the hands of the snow crystal, easy to think that the tink that can not fit has a facial expression that stare into the distance.
  • Flashy colors do not have any, but, LENOX Fine China of its own ivory (ivory) (porcelain) is dyeing in handwork, the gold accents that are used, such as partially wings 24 gold etc. to be used, is •Y so ornament is also very classy in lovely.
  • Material: porcelain / Size: total length about 11.5cm x width of about 10cm / Weight:. Since it is a ornament with about 55g / (weight, you suitable for the firm 1.8m or more of tree branches also, is an expensive ornament since so as not to fall under its own weight and damage, we recommend that you do not decorated with the tip of the branch at the time to be decorated.)