Original mouthblown German Glass ornament “Double Reflex”, yellow. Size: H=7,5cm. Authentic product. Directly shipped from the manufacturer MAROLIN®.

The place of origin of the glass ornaments is the area around Lauscha in Thuringia – near the town of Steinach where MAROLIN® is producing since the year 1900. In the beginning the ornaments were just a substitute for real fruits which a poor glass-blower could not afford. With time, the diversity of glass ornaments for Christmas trees grew. Their popularity grew too and they became a real bestseller.

Availability guarantee

The constant manufacturing of our handmade items guarantees, that the personal collection can be complemented in the years to come, for we know, many customers like to expand and complete their selection year by year.

Items properly packed…

A high-quality packing of our glass ornaments is very important to us. It guarantees a safe and simple storage of the items through the year until the next christmas time and can also be used as a presentation packaging or gift box.

This hand made item comes to you safely packed and together with an MAROLIN® certificate of authenticity.

Product Features

  • Mouthblown
  • Made in Germany
  • Handpainted
  • Authentic old molds
  • Single packed