This nesting doll is unusual. There are 4 dolls inside Mummy doll with Sunflower.
This Rare Vintage Nesting Doll includes a grandma, a grandfather, a daughter, a granddaughter and a little boy. Though this is the set of 5 pc stack dolls. It is made of Russian linden and hand-painted with gouache.
The tallest stacking doll is 7″, the shortest one is 1-3/4″.

The idea is that Matryoshka doll represents the motherhood. So it will be a cute and from the heart present to your Mother or Grandma for a birthday, Mother’s Day or any other holiday.
Also, it is a good choice for children-girls which will help to teach a little girl how it is great to be a homemaker.
Moreover, you’ll help to improve your child’s motor skills, imagination, and counting with these enjoyable and beautiful nesting dolls.