With an eager anticipation that rivals the season’s first snowfall, Waterford celebrates the unlimited potential for happiness, delight and good cheer. Wishes for Joy features fanciful snowflakes in the style of Waterford’s most beloved pattern, Lismore, against a landscape of luscious crystal. As Lismore evokes special memories for all who have used the pattern in times of joy and celebration, Waterford proudly presents this magnificent 2011 Snowflake Ruby Jewel Ornament designed to enhance all of your joyous occasions, special moments and cherished memories.

Product Features

  • Enchanting annual edition holiday ornament from renowned crystal manufacturer, Waterford
  • “Wishes for Joy” features a fanciful snowflake in the style of Waterford’s beloved Lismore pattern
  • Crafted of crystal with a ruby jewel in the center and
  • Marked with the year, “2011,” and the name “Waterford” at the top
  • Measures 4 inches high by 3-1/4 inches wide