England is rich in manufacturers of fine china products, and Wedgwood is one of the best-known and most collected varieties. Wedgwood starting producing in 1759–its 250th anniversary will be in 2009–and over the centuries it has offered highest-quality bone china in a wide range of patterns. Wedgwood also offers a variety of collectible Christmas ornaments, such as the traditional Stocking ornament, made of fine, translucent creamy china. The ornament is shaped like an old-fashioned Christmas stocking, complete with a mended heel. The three-dimensional, hollow stocking is perforated with many small holes which, along with the translucent china itself, allow light to pass through. The top of the stocking appears full of candy and gifts; the stripes on the candy canes and the gift bows are trimmed in 22-carat gold, as are the cross-hatched perforations on the stocking. The toe and ankle of the stocking have small raised holly-leaf designs. There is a small hanger loop in the china at the top, and it comes with a gold ribbon for hanging on the tree. The Stocking ornament comes in an attractive red gift window box. Other china ornaments from Wedgwood include various angels and snowflakes, as well as a snowman and gorgeous apple ball ornament. Wedgwood suggests that its china products be hand washed in hot water with a mild detergent to help preserve glaze and accents. Avoid abrasive cleansers or scrubbers that might scratch or mar decorated surfaces. When packing away for storage, wrap in tissue paper or other soft packing material that will not scratch. The Wedgwood Stocking ornament measures 4 by 3 inches. –Garland Withers