Different Animated Plush Toys with Unique features that you can choose from!

Animated Singing Poop Emoji Plush Wears a Santa Hat and Red Shoes, it moves back and forth with its own rendition of “Can’t Touch This”. Activated by button on his hand and measures around 8″ x 3.5″ x 7″.

Hiphop Llama Plush Is wearing Sunglasses, peppermint stripe Scarf, Sneakers and a flashy Ball Cap. This funky Llama raps about Christmas Time as he dances around. Measures 11.81″ x 10″ x 4.72″

Singing Christmas Light Up Tree Dan Dee A Fluffy Green Tree that wears a pair of red Shoes and Gloves. With Red ribbons as decorations, this Tree has a Light Up feature, Dances and Sings adorably.

Magical Unicorn Plush This lovely plush features multi-color mane, tail and flimmering accents on its ears, horn and hooves. This adorable nods her head and moves around as magical sound effects play.

Santa Jaws Shark Plush This toothy cute shark features a shimmery Santa Hat, when activated on his fin, this guy ove to a scary tune, makes shark themed Holiday jokes and puns.

Twerking Cat Plush This orange tabby cat is dressed with Santa Hat and Green/Red Scarf on its neck. It’s so funny as it twerks and moves to cat themed “I like Cat Nip”

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Product Features

  • Available in different Plush Toys — Singing Poop Emoji Plush, Hiphop Llama Plush, Christmas Tree Dancing Dan Dee, Unicorn Animated Plush, Santa Jaws Animated Plush and Twerking Cat Animated Plush.
  • ADORABLE XMAS DECORS These adorable Animated Plush Toys are the most Unique Holiday Decorations you can put underneath your Tree, Entryway, family room or Living Room. These are batt operated and sings or dances around. It’s just decorative and entertaining addition to your holiday decors.
  • OTHER FEATURES These plush toys have a button on certain parts of their body to activate actions such as singing or dancing. They are made of high quality materials and will definitely catch attention from kids and adults too.
  • PERFECT GIFT ITEM It’s fun to share these wonderful items with your family and friends, you will definitely make them smile with the adorable antics of these plush toys and also be impressed by your taste in gift giving.