Our three-dimensional Gingerbread House Advent Calendar is a fun and exciting way to start a new family Christmas tradition that dates as far back as the mid-19th century. The tactically-engaging house includes 24 interchangeable wooden drawers for hiding tempting treats, notes, or teeny toys that your kids can look forward to opening until the day Santa arrives! A money-saving alternative to buying new, paper-based advent calendars every year, our 10½” x 8″ x 9½”H wooden calendar will last for years and years to come. Created with timeless holiday appeal, the classic gingerbread design comes pre-decorated with candy canes, gingerbread people, gumdrops, and more! The drawers are interchangeable; you can change their order year-to-year or even day-to-day to add to the fun. A whimsical and festive touch to any room, this piece is as much as a conversation starter as it is a charming gift for the whole family. Start a family tradition that will be a joy to keep going!

Product Features

  • 3D ADVENT CALENDAR – Count down the days to Christmas by hiding teeny treats, notes, or toys within
  • TIMELESS HOLIDAY APPEAL – Classic gingerbread house design-complete with candy canes, gingerbread people, gumdrops, and more
  • MAKE MEMORIES – Start a new family tradition with this festive decoration
  • TACTICALLY ENGAGING – Includes 24 interchangeable wooden drawers
  • HIGH QUALITY – Sturdy wooden gingerbread house will last for years and years to come