The Little Round Bun (Kolobok) handmade souvenir set is one more version of the fairytale of the same name.
The nesting Matryoshka doll and wooden figurines reflect the heroes of the Kolobok tale.
Grandfather and Grandmother baked the Little Round Bun, Kolobok, who ran away from home.
Kolobok met the Hare, the Wolf, and the Bear who wanted to eat him. Kolobok escaped from them too. Finally, the sly Fox ate the Little Round Bun.

This super exclusive babushka nesting doll and the wooden animal toys set were hand-painted by me. I used gouache to paint this handmade souvenir. All figurines and Matryoshka stacking dolls are handmade of Russian linden wood.
The fairytale characters are inside the nesting doll which is 7″ tall. The small wooden figurines are about 2″ in height.

This set is useful in teaching your child to count from 1 to 8, to improve kids’ motor skills, imagination, and creativity. It can be a cute souvenir/gift also.