201 Christmas Ornaments for Cross Stitch. Just the thought of so many wonderful designs makes us eager to begin stitching for the holi-day season ahead!
Of all the holidays and special occasions throughout the year. Christmas is our favorite.
We plan and prepare for it the whole year through, searching for the perfect stitchery to keep and give. The most delicious recipes to bake and share and every decorative detail to make Christmas absolutely unforgettable.
The central focus of our holiday decorating is the tree. We adorn the boughs of this stately,
Christmastime addition to our homes with
special care. From each individual ornament to the twinkling lights and shimmering tinsel,
each element is meticulously placed. From the
aroma of the fresh evergreen, to the mouth-watering scent of hot apple cider simmering on
the stove, to the sweet sounds of jingling sleigh
bells mingled with the rhythmic crunch, crunch, crunch of a horse’s hooves and the
gentle swoosh of runners slicing through the snow, this festive season brings childlike amazement and wonder as no other.