Everybody loves Mandalas. How about Christmas Mandala Ornaments that you can color, cut and use as decorations? It’s fun to color Mandalas. Now you can use holiday festival colors to create your own unique decorations on one of 25 Mandalas. Cut out the heavy 60 lb paper and get creative with ideas for your mandalas. Tape on christmas presents, walls, doors, use as doilies or punch a hole in it and hang on a Christmas tree (Not recommended near lights or electrical wiring). Each of the 25 Mandalas is on one side only, on large 8.5″ x 11″ sized pages. Write a note, paste a picture, create your own design on the other side or leave blank. This is a great holiday project and one you can turn into a tradition. Order both Volumes 1 and 2 today and let the fun begin.