Welcome to the world of coloring books for adults! Lose yourself in your new Calming Christmas Ornaments Coloring Book and unplug from the stresses of your day. Our Calming Christmas Ornaments Coloring Book features 31 Christmas Ornaments for you to color as a calming activity which reduces your stress levels. It also can help you feel more successful, as you gain a sense of accomplishment when you finish your artwork. Coloring is a very low risk activity that is very rewarding. Coloring will allow you to connect with your more playful side – and playing is an integral part of your personal well-being. Coloring reduces stress as you focus on the repetitive, and soothing activity. Coloring will hold your attention and allows you time to relax. Research has found that coloring can reduce your stress, and therefore has many health benefits! Reduced stress levels can help prevent weight gain, upper respiratory infections, and cardiovascular disease. Coloring can reduce muscle tension, reduce your heart rate, reduce breathing rate, reduce blood pressure and reduce cortisol, the stress related hormone, in the blood stream. It makes people happier and lessens anxiety levels. Coloring will also calm your mind. As you color, you are directing your energy to the simple, creative task at hand. As you do, you can clear your brain of routine mental chatter, much like meditation. The back and forth routine of moving a pencil while coloring, uses both sides of your brain. This results in reinforcing the connection between the two spheres, or lobes. Coloring also helps you to turn off the front lobe of your brain, which controls your desire to organize and regulate your surroundings .Coloring can also keep the mind and body of older adults active, and can lessen the declines that come with age. The coloring process can improve people’s fine motor skills, coordination and perceptional skills. When you lose yourself in coloring your Calming Christmas Ornaments Adult Coloring Book, you feel more relaxed and balanced. Be sure to look for all of our other great adult coloring books available from Destiny Center here on Amazon!