“Christmas Rarities” was a four year project. John spent over three years traveling around the world photographing rare Christmas Ornaments collections. He then spent 6 months in Thailand editing and printing the book. This laminated hardbound book consists of 256 pages on glossy heavy weight stock. Of the apprx 1500 photos in the book over 525 have never been published. 527 of the ornaments were seen only in one collection with an additonal 612 seen only in two or fewer collections. There are fourteen categories: Animals, Angels, Candle Clips and Holders, Clowns and Devils, Indians, Men, Miscellaneous, Pipes and Rattles, Religious, Santas, Transportation, Victorian, and a great section on Kugels. Each photo measures apprx 2.5″ x 4.5″ and each ornament has a description, a reference number, a price guide and a rarity scale. If you are a serious antique German glass Christmas ornament collector or just someone who enjoys Christmas ornaments this is a must book. This book has now been very positively reviewed by www.about.com, a New York Times Company. Click on Hobbies and then Collectibles on the left side.