Worried about the gifts that you have to give for Christmas? Bored with your store bought Christmas decorations? Are you looking for decors and gifts that are unique, personalized and most importantly special and one of a kind? Do you have a passion for DIY projects and you want to express it these coming holidays? DIY projects are your answers to all these questions! With the holidays almost here, there is no better time to be ready with your skills, materials and creativity! This is the perfect opportunity to not only let your creativity run wild but also have fun with your kids, family, friends and other loved ones. This book will share with you 30 projects to help you achieve these great Christmas decors for your home and gifts for everybody. Say goodbye to the Christmas shopping rush! Have more savings on your Christmas budget and use money you have saved for other expenses! Express your creativity and passion for DIY with these projects! Inside you will learn about projects for: • 1o Decors • 20 Gifts Once you have learned the DIY projects in this book, you will realize that Christmas decorating and shopping do not need to be stressful or hectic. In fact, it can be budget friendly, fun and most importantly memorable. Don’t wait another minute, the sooner you learn these projects, the sooner you can be prepared for the holidays! With enough projects to cover all bases, decors for your bedroom, living, dining and other parts of the house and to match gifts for family, friends, loved ones, neighbors, colleagues and other special people, you will be more than ready to beat the Christmas rush.