This book contains six of my patterns for creating lace crochet covered ornaments. I have tried to streamline the patterns so that the ornaments can be created relatively quickly and easily. The rounds are done with very basic stitches and are repeated multiple times. The goal is to create rounds that are not too large, or over-crowded, so that the stitches lay nicely around a standard-sized ornament. Most of the ornaments I used for the patterns in this book are between 60-65mm in diameter, or about 2.25-2.5 inches in diameter. (See my other books for patterns to cover large 4” (100mm) globe ornaments.I hope you find these as much fun to make as I do. They look beautiful adorned on a Christmas tree, but are equally beautiful displayed in a tabletop display with multiple baubles in contrasting patterns. These also make wonderful hostess gifts during the holidays.Good luck and happy crafting! -Kristen