I have always loved Christmas ornaments. Most were gifts from family or friends and they mean a lot to me. Every year when hang them on my tree, I’m flooded with memories and I could never part with any of them. That’s where I got the idea for this book. It’s a narrative poem in the style of THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, with rhyming couplets and a fun rhythm that children love. It’s an uplifting story about broken and unwanted Christmas ornaments that are tossed out after Christmas, with the old tree. Its a tale of their determination and journey to survive as they make their way to a town, where people adopt, love and support them. It has a great lesson to teach about human kindness, and the wonder of friendship. Bryan, my husband is a gifted artist, so we decided to combine our talents and produce this book. We think you’ll appreciate the unique look of the beautiful, hand rendered, full color illustrations that he has created for this old fashioned type tale. Our 42 page book will be a great bedtime read, would make a great gift or donation and will add a lot to your Christmas celebration, especially if you have a soft spot for Christmas ornaments, like I do. We think you’ll love this book and will want to pass it down through generations.