Many people consider snow globes as fascinating. Delightfully watching the miniature scene in the globe as the snow is slowly sinking down to the bottom. It’s a tiny perfect world and therefore snow globes are perfect for many occasions like gifts, souvenirs and also as fancy decoration. Snow- and glass globes are suitable advertising material, customer gifts or even as a small gift for tourists and special guests especially for companies.

Warnings: Glass! Handle with care! Fragile! This is not a toy. For decorative use only. Do not ingest, liquid contains ingredients for durablility and antifreeze. Do not store in area with temperatures over 90 ° F or under 40 ° F. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Product Features

  • German fairies globe with glass with writing “Bremer Stadtmusikanten”
  • Shake to see fine snow flakes and glitter – Diameter 2.6″, Height 3.3″
  • The pictures on the base tell the complete fairy tale
  • Design Made in Germany – A perfect idea for gifts and any occasions like christmas, anniversay, valentine or birthdays
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