A picturesque French scene of a young woman cruising by the Eiffel tower on a Vespa inhabits this sleek glitter snow globe. It was the love and appreciation of fine design, along with the opportunity to create and market well-made, yet affordable products that lead Jonathan Newman and Steven Faulkner to found Boston international (bi) in 1986. In the beginning, bi was a boutique line with beautiful hand-made paper products from smaller suppliers in Italy, Spain, Germany and the UK. Through the years, the company developed and grew. In 1996, Boston international added ideal home range (IHR) to their product mix and very shortly after that, bi began its relationship with new York’s metropolitan museum of art. Through the combination of these lines, BI’s core group of suppliers and BI’s development of proprietary lines and accessories, bi has become a major force in the gift industry today. Currently, bi partners with suppliers and manufacturers from around the globe to bring their vision to the us market and employs more than 50 people in rustic Holliston, Massachusetts, some 25 miles west of Boston. Boston international’s philosophy is the same now as it was back in 1986: combine the very best design with the highest quality materials and manufacturing, then add outstanding distribution and unmatched customer service. Currently over 19,000 customers in 11 countries are the beneficiaries of this philosophy.

Product Features

  • Paris snow globe with sleek square black base
  • Features a French woman on a Vespa cruising by the Eiffel tower, with glitter snowing down
  • 4.75 Inches high x 3.75-inch Diameter
  • Idyllic and inspiring, a reminder to enjoy life
  • From Boston international, a company creating high quality, design-led items for your home and gift-giving since 1986