Lightahead plastic base water globe (inside Polynesian) 100mm with music (for Alice). This musical water globe is a fun, festive way to add to your holiday décor. Mechanical power, hand rotary wind. Featured inside the clear globe is love couple and as you wind up, it starts to rotate. At the base of the water globe is heart and love design. As you wind up, music begins to play the tune “for Alice”. Mechanical power, hand rotary wind, only one song and no led. Material: 10% glass, 30% water, 30% porcelain, 30% plastic.

Product Features

  • Wind up, the figurine inside the globe starts to rotate in water globe as music plays and glitter falls
  • Beautifully designed and high quality, beautifully detailed addition to your holiday décor
  • Materials: Plastic + porcelain + glass+ water, mechanical power, hand rotary wind
  • Ideal Christmas, valentine day decoration and gifts