Unmatched Quality from Lightahead®
This is the all new 100MM BALLERINA Sitting Music Water Globe with falling glitter from Lightahead®.

Product Description
This musical water globe is a fun, festive way to add to your holiday décor.
Featured inside the clear globe is a beautiful Dancing Girl.
At the base of the water globe are rose flowers.
As you wind up, music begins to play the tune “SWAN LAKE”.

About The Brand Lightahead®
Lightahead® is the Registered Trademark of LIGHT AHEAD INC Registered vide USPTO Trademark Number 4440112

Product Features

  • Musical water globe with falling glitter playing the tune “SWAN LAKE”
  • Wind up musical Dancing Girl starts to rotate in water globe
  • Beautifully designed and high quality. Beautifully detailed addition to your holiday décor
  • Ideal christmas decoration and gifts