Unmatched Quality from Lightahead®
This is the all new 100MM BALLERINA Sitting Music Water Globe with falling glitter from Lightahead®.

Product Description
This musical water globe is a fun, festive way to add to your holiday décor.
Featured inside the clear globe is a beautiful ballerina sitting and as you wind up, it starts to rotate.
At the base of the water globe are hearts and flowers.
As you wind up, music begins to play the tune “SWAN LAKE”.

About The Brand Lightahead®
Lightahead® is the Registered Trademark of LIGHT AHEAD INC Registered vide USPTO Trademark Number 4440112

Product Features

  • Musical water globe with falling glitter playing the tune “SWAN LAKE”
  • Wind up musical Ballerina Sitting starts to rotate in water globe
  • Beautifully designed and high quality. Beautifully detailed addition to your holiday décor
  • Ideal christmas decoration and gifts