New Officially Licensed Disney Decorative Musical Snow Globe. The Globe is Approximately 6 Inches tall with a glass dome and porcelain base. The snow move continuously when wound up. This would make a beautiful decorative piece in any child’s room or collectors collection. This vintage inspired water globe is sure to charm any collector. Steamboat Willie is tugging along on his ever faithful “no name” ship, whistling at the helm. The globes base is sat inside a resin steam boat likeliness. The boat sits amongst the waves of the sea. A vintage wooden placard is painted “steamboat willie” on the front of the globes base. Crank the music boat and listen to the chiming music while the snow swirls around. This is a rare snowglobe that has continuously moving snow, so there is no need to shake the globe to see the magic inside. As long as the music plays, the snow will magically swirl!

Product Features

  • Approximately 6 Inches Tall
  • Glass Dome and Porcelain Base
  • Continuous Motion of Snow When Wound UP
  • Wind Up Action
  • Musical